The USA model features the model 968 style front end with pop-up headlights. The cars feature 964 3.8 RS air inlets and the ‘Turbo S’ script. These cars, in ‘stock-air-inlet-form’, can be differentiated from their ROW counterparts by the barely DOT compliant bumperettes. At 39, there were more Flatnose cars for the USA than for any other market.


The Cars by VIN#


Country of Delivery Count

USA – 39


Production and Delivery Data

Earliest Completed Production Date – November 10, 1993 (VIN 480390)
Latest Completed Production Date – January 15, 1994 (VIN 480406, 480432)
Earliest Vehicle Delivery Date – December 2, 1993 (VIN 480414)
Latest Vehicle Delivery Date – June 24, 1994 (VIN 480430)


Exterior Color Count

Black – 18
Black Metallic – 3
Grand Prix White – 2
Guards Red – 10
Midnight Blue Metallic – 2
Paint to Sample Pearl White Metallic – 2
Polar Silver Metallic – 1
Speed Yellow – 1


Facts, Rumors and Myths?

# 1 The Turbo ‘S’ premiered at the Los Angeles and Detroit shows in early 1994, ironically after the model could no longer be ordered. Coincidently the new model 993 debuted at the 1994 Detroit auto show, a car which shares some build parts with the 1994 3.6 Turbo S.

# 2 A Guards Red car with black Tech Art air inlet/fog lights was the factory prototype and photos of this car were sent to dealers in the USA to show prospective customers the car. The VIN is unknown.

# 3 A black/gray Flatnose was given by an heiress of the Gerber Baby Food fortune to her boyfriend who blew the engine twice, apparently due to reckless down shifting.

# 4 An unidentified black Flatnose was crashed and destroyed.

# 5 VIN 480375 was ordered by Vasek Polak the famous Czech Porsche racing enthusiast and car dealer under the order code COCAR indicating it was ordered as a corporate car. The eventual owner later used the car to pay off a debt to his friend in the Czech Republic which is where it now resides.

# 6 VIN 480404 has ‘ship to: Detroit Autoshow’ on the MSRP sticker and it was owned by Porsche for a period of time. The order code was COCAR indicating it was ordered as a corporate car.

# 7 VIN 480406, with license plate ‘AIR 1’, is owned by NBA star Michael Jordan who originally ordered VIN 480425 but backed out and the car was sold to another buyer. You can see Jordan with the car at the 26:26 mark and driving the car at the 51:28 mark of the ESPN 30 for 30 video Jordan Rides the Bus.

# 8 VIN 480412 was featured in the April 1994 Excellence article. The car appears to have been special ordered with the ‘Turbo 3.6’ script. Purportedly the interior of this car was redone including addition of Recaro seats, an after market stereo system was installed and the stock exhaust was replaced with a B&B system. In 1998 it was stolen out of a garage and stripped, a day or so after the owner had an elaborate alarm installed. According to CarFax records ‘engine, transmission and other parts stolen’. AutoCheck records state that the car was ‘last seen at recycling facility’ in September 1999. Its whereabouts remain unknown.

# 9 VIN 480413 was once owned by baseball player Jose Riba in the Dominican Republic.

# 10 VIN 480414 is the only USA car identified as ordered for European delivery and was the very first Flatnose car to be delivered on December 2, 1993.

# 11 VIN 480425 was selected to appear at the 25 Years of Porsche Exclusive event.

# 12 VIN 480437 was stolen from the parking lot of a dealership while in for service and was recovered almost immediately by police with no damage at all except door lock. The car was repaired and returned to owner who then had the same car stolen by gunpoint in a parking garage and that was the last anyone heard of the car.

# 13 VIN’s 480446 and 480464 were both ordered by one buyer and both were ordered with cloth seat inserts.

# 14 VIN’s 480463 was the most optioned X88 engined car (and possibly the most optioned 964 series car ever built) with over 85 individual build codes.

# 15 VIN 480466 was the last single turbo production Porsche VIN for the USA. There were 38 buyers in the USA and at the wire Dave Strong’s Porsche ordered VIN 480466 which was the 39th X85 Flatnose.