The ROW model features the model 968 style front end with pop-up headlights. TechArt front air inlets with fog lights are standard equipment and are described in the Xe Porsche technical bulletin as ‘auxiliary headlights fitted in air scoops’. Some cars were delivered with the 964 3.8 RS air inlets. Early cars feature the ‘Turbo 3.6’ script in lieu of the ‘Turbo S’ script. 27 cars were built including 12 RHD.


The Cars by VIN#


Country of Delivery Count

France – 3
Germany – 6
Hong Kong – 2
Oman – 4
Singapore – 8
Special – 1
Switzerland – 1
United Kingdom – 2


Production and Delivery Data

Earliest Completed Production Date – November 4, 1993 (VIN 470250)
Latest Completed Production Date – February 1, 1994 (VIN 470455)
Earliest Vehicle Delivery Date – January 26, 1994 (VIN 470419)
Latest Vehicle Delivery Date – June 21, 1994 (VIN 470447)


Exterior Color Count

Black – 4
Black Metallic – 1
Grand Prix White – 1
Guards Red – 1
Midnight Blue Metallic – 1
Paint to Sample Color Unknown – 4
Paint to Sample Pearl White Metallic – 1
Paint to Sample Wimbledon Green Metallic – 1
Polar Silver Metallic – 8
Speed Yellow – 5


Facts, Rumors and Myths?

# 1 The base sticker price in Germany was 252,173 DM. At 1994 exchange rates the retail price of a car in Germany plus German sales tax was approximately equal to (pre-tax) MSRP in the USA.

# 2 There are 12 Right Hand Drive Flatnose cars.

# 3 There may be a Flatnose in Dubai and another in Saudi Arabia.

# 4 VIN 470250 was the very first Flatnose car to compete production on November 4, 1993.

# 5 VIN 470250 was purchased in Kuwait but the buyer passed away before taking delivery. The car was was subsequently wrecked.

# 6 VIN 470376 was imported into Indonesia from the UK as a ‘Volkswagon Beetle’ in order to circumvent Indonesian importation restrictions on exotic cars in effect in the mid 1990’s. Possibly brought in under diplomatic papers, the plastic VIN tab located beneath the gas tank has been modified to a display a ‘donor’ VW VIN in order to obtain an ownership registration.

# 7 VIN 470387 is one of only two Flatnose cars delivered to the United Kingdom. It was originally delivered to the UK in Polar Silver Metallic but was stripped to bare metal and painted Black Metallic prior to customer delivery. The original owner won the car as a prize for being the highest performing currency exchange dealer at his bank, but never drove the car prior to selling it some eight months later.

# 8 VIN 470396 has option code 740 ‘exhibition vehicle’ indicating that the car may have been used for regional auto shows.

# 9 VIN 470438 was originally delivered to Singapore and then subsequently exported to the United Kingdom.

# 10 VIN 470453 was a ‘special order’ Flatnose with 930 style rear air vents, a 3.8RS rear wing, Recaro seats and a rollcage – it must be noted that all of these special parts were standard items on the X83 ‘Japan’ model.

# 11 VIN 470455 was the very last Flatnose car to compete production on February 2, 1994.

# 12 VIN 470456 was purchased in Qatar and subsequently exported to Germany.

# 13 VIN 470468 has no listed country of delivery and no listed delivery date.

# 14 VIN 470471 was the last single turbo production Porsche VIN for the ROW.

# 15 In the mid 1990’s, up until the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the Sultan of Brunei and his brother Prince Jefri and family amassed the largest auto collection in the world. All of the 3.6 Turbo’s purchased featured the X88 option. The following six X84 VIN’s were purchased by and are in or were in the collection: 470430, 470441, 470448, 470455, 470459, 470471.