USA Package Version

The ‘Package’ car is a Flachbau without the Flatnose built for the U.S. market only. It is designated a 1994 Turbo S Model (option code ’36S’) ordered without the code X85 (Turbo ‘Flatnose Package’) option. Although reminiscent of the Turbo 3.3 S of 1992, with only 17 cars built, it is one of the rarest production Porsches (86 Turbo S 3.3 were built).

The Package car is identifiable by the fixed combination of the ’36S’ option plus the ‘X88’ option engine, the ‘X92’ option Exclusive front spoilers, the ‘X93’ option Exclusive rear spoiler, and the ‘X99’ option air inlets in rear left and right side panels for engine cooling.

The Cars by VIN#


Country of Delivery Count

Canada – 2
USA – 15


Production and Delivery Data

Earliest Completed Production Date – November 4, 1993 (VIN 480387)
Latest Completed Production Date – January 19, 1994 (VIN 480458)
Earliest Vehicle Delivery Date – December 20, 1993 (VIN 480386)
Latest Vehicle Delivery Date – August 16, 1994 (VIN 480454)


Exterior Color Count

Black – 10
Grand Prix White – 2
Guards Red – 1
Midnight Blue Metallic – 1
Paint to Sample Viola Metallic – 1
Paint to Sample Silver Metallic – 1
Speed Yellow – 1


Facts, Rumors and Myths?

# 1 Lonnie Smith of the Atlanta Braves used to own VIN 480409.

# 2 Although a ‘USA’ only model VIN 480408 and VIN 480454 were delivered to Canada.

#3 The Canadian models did not feature the X93 Special Turbo ‘S’ Rear Spoiler, the XE4 ‘Four-pipe exhaust’ (tips) and were badged ‘3.6’ not ‘Turbo S’.

# 4 VIN 480408 has option code 740 ‘exhibition vehicle’ indicating that the car may have been used for regional auto shows.

# 5 The original owner of VIN 480465 replaced the wing on the car with a 3.8RSR wing at the time of delivery.