1994 Turbo S

In August 1993, prior to the introduction of the 993 platform, and at the very end of the model run for the 964 series, Porsche A.G.’s VRS Department (currently known as Exclusive) released preliminary data on a Limited Special Series of hand built Turbo 3.6 cars featuring a slanted front end labeled by the factory as ‘Flachbau’ (German for flat form or flat construction) and ‘Flatnose’ in the United States (USA) and the ROW. An integral part of the cars specification was the optionally available X88 ‘S’ motor.

Officially released as the ‘1994 Turbo 3.6 S Flatnose’ (‘Flachbau’ on the German factory invoice), it was to be the last of the truly hand built Porsche 911 production cars.


“The overall concept of the 911 Turbo 3.6 Flatnose model is similar to that of the 911 Turbo 3.6 standard version, Model Year ’94”, stated the factory bulletin Xe 6X014 dated 2/22/94. But the car was really very different. As one of the most expensive road going production Porsche’s ever built – even to date – these cars flashed on the scene only to be quickly overlooked in the face of the new model 993. But this was a very special and very different car loosely based on the stillborn 965 concept car, a model designation that appears on many 1994 964 Turbo and Turbo S part numbers.

The model was introduced on short notice to USA dealers who were told that a special series of Flatnose cars would be built at the end of the Turbo 3.6 run. Customers were required to put up a $20,000 USD deposit after only seeing a photo of the prototype.

In the end, three versions of the Flatnose were built as well as a USA delivery only, non-Flatnose version of the Turbo S, called the ‘Package’. Also built were customer ordered cars featuring the X88 option S motor. The actual build numbers were 76 Flatnose cars (worldwide), 17 non-Flatnose or Package cars (USA only) and 51 X88 optioned cars (worldwide).

The actual build numbers have been misquoted over time as a result of a pre-build Porsche memorandum dated September 16, 1993 . In this memorandum Porsche announced to its USA dealers that they had a listing of 40 orders including two show cars. The original memorandum included a photo of the car and stated that there were to be 10 non-Flatnose orders. It further stated that worldwide production was anticipated at 85 to 100 units with approximately 50 of those units in Flatnose form. The cars were to be produced in October and early November 1993 with the last of the Flatnose cars to be produced in January 1994 to meet February dealer delivery. This early memorandum led to the number ’40’ being the believed production number as can be seen in this advertisement from the period.

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Porsche memorandum dated November 30, 1993, definitively confirms worldwide production as 93 total cars consisting of 76 Flatnose cars – 10 Version I X83 Japan cars with ‘old style Turbo nose and air scoops’; 27 Version II X84 Rest of World cars; 39 total Version III X85 USA cars; and 17 USA only Version Package cars.

Porsche memorandum dated January 21, 1994 from Exclusive’s head Rolf Sprenger appears to apologize for having previously provided so little information on the cars, despite most of them having already been produced and many having been sold by that time.

For most of the years since its production little if anything has ever been discussed by Porsche about even the existence of this rare and unique hand built model. When Porsche released the 911 History DVD in 2004, it formally recognized the 1994 Turbo S Flatnose and reconfirmed its worldwide production number at 76 units.

It’s unique rarity was recognized by Porsche in 2011 as the 1994 Turbo S Flatnose was selected as one of very few models to go on display as part of the 25 Years of Porsche Exclusive event held at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany.


Historically in the USA ‘Flachbau’ cars were always marketed as ‘Slantnose’ which was a design extension of the 934/935 series cars. USA technical materials also refer to the 1994 3.6 Turbo S Flachbau as ‘Slantnose’. And while previous 930S cars were decidedly slanted this version in USA and ROW form was truly a flat form.


Flatnose cars Version I X83 Japan featured pop-up hooded headlights carried over from 930 Turbo S models. Models Version II X84 ROW and Version III X85 USA featured the model 968 front end with pop up unhooded headlights.



The Turbo S Flatnose models X83, X84, X85 and Package all featured the X88 option Turbo ‘S’ power kit featuring the M64/50S motor with 385 BHP, X92 Exclusive front spoiler, X93 Exclusive rear spoiler and X99 Exclusive rear fender vents. The cars documented on this site feature the X88 option.

The order process and build of these special cars was typical of Porsche’s Exclusive department with much of the cars ‘special’ interior and exterior parts being made by Tech Art and others. Parts ranging from the rear spoiler and front air ducts to the speaker panels and cross overs to the special leather (Roser).

With the 1994 Turbo S, Porsche produced one of the rarest and fastest exotic super cars on the planet. Most are still with us yet, as with any super car, others have gone the way of total destruction.