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The 1994 Porsche 3.6 Turbo S Flatnose

1994 Turbo S

In August 1993, prior to the introduction of the 993 platform, and at the very end of the model run for the 964 series, Porsche A.G.’s VRS Department (currently known as Exclusive) released preliminary data on a Limited Special Series of hand built Turbo 3.6 cars featuring a slanted front end labeled by the factory as ‘Flachbau’ (German for flat form or flat construction) and ‘Flatnose’ in the United States (USA) and the ROW. An integral part of the cars specification was the optionally available X88 ‘S’ motor.

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Flatnose-Spec-image-1X83 (Japan), X84 (ROW) and X85 (USA), the Turbo S Flatnose, was available in the USA as a $60,179 USD option on top of the base price $99,000 USD Turbo 3.6. The “Flatnose” option was available when ordering the no charge ’36S’ option ‘1994 Turbo “S” Model’. In addition to the Flatnose fenders, it also included the ‘X88’ option or ‘Turbo S’ motor, the ‘X92’ Exclusive front spoiler, ‘X93’ Exclusive rear spoiler and ‘X99’ Exclusive rear fender vents. The flatnose option was designed around the model 968 front end for the ROW and USA versions and the 930 style Turbo S front end for Japan (right down to the sill covers on the fenders).

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m6450s-image-2A key feature of the Flatnose and Package cars was the M64/50S engine – a key component of the X88 ‘Sport Tuning’ option – a factory derivative of the 1993 IMSA 3.6 Turbo engine built by Andial for Brumos racing. According to the factory, 155 of the M64/50S engines were built. 93 of these engines went into the ‘Turbo S’ cars, 51 engines were installed in standard 3.6 turbo models as special order option ‘X88’ and 11 engines are unaccounted for possibly test engines, sold to dealers as retrofits or sold to customers for race applications.

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